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My work moves in the border areas between painting and drawing, space and surface, figuration and geometry, between illusion and reality. I try to catch the light in my works. Sometimes I also include monotype print to get more structure in my works, or used paper targets to thematise our senses, invisible feelings and emotions and also to surprise!

My often surreal perspective connects different spaces in the building, by which the composition of lines creates an entirely new and interesting atmosphere. I like to use primary colors to bring excitement and energy in my architectonical utopias; I also like an architectural approach to the landscape. Generally, I like to lead the viewer through imaginary spaces and optical illusions, which often form the framework for my surreal creations I am working with acrylic, colour spray, lacquer pens on canvas, as well as onto wood or acrylic glass plates, or mirrors and films.


© Gina Plunder 2010