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Statement: Escape into another world 

In my paintings I want to take the viewer into another world like mystical landscapes or situations, which almost seems to suck the viewer in. At the same time I want to catch the light in my works and simultaneously to break it, like crystals do.

My unique paintings are made in a process of countless layering with acrylic paint that gives them a strong depths effect. I’m painting on canvas with acrylic colors and my fingers!!!

Women and architecture are basic topics in my art works.

My collection of works titled “Wishhouse”
there are paintings and drawings with utopic buildings without space or time boundaries.
At the one hand this works are describing the significance of the home like the motto: home is where the heart is and at the other hand they take the viewer into another world. For my works I’m using elements of my drawings which I have done from iconic buildings across the globe and put them together to imaginary architectural creations. I attend to create a world without space or time borders, with other words a world-united-open-house: my wishhouse! 

Generally, my work moves in the border areas between painting and drawing, figuration and abstract, between illusion and reality. 

© Gina Plunder 2010